My wonderful radiant mother Marjorie Joyce Whatley (18 November 1943 – 5 August 1981) was lovingly devoted to my father James W. Whatley (1940-) , my sister Ruth (1967-) and I.

Always encouraging and nurturing our gifts, she accompanied me to my first  art school interview in April 1981; but a car accident tragically took her from us in August the same year.

My faith and art have helped me survive this tragedy, with a pledge to share with the world, through my tributes painted on her anniversaries, the memory of the loving mother for whom I am so grateful.

Presented here, in memoriam, are a selection of some of the paintings and drawings through which I feel her spirit shines. In deepest gratitude for my mother ~  Stephen B. Whatley, London, UK, August 2017

“…You were kind enough to point me toward your tribute to your mother on your website…Stephen, I must tell you how fortunate you are to have had such a lovely, caring, and nurturing mother. She was a great beauty. You have paid homage to her beauty and loving soul in your marvelous and deeply sensitive paintings. Painting her lightens the burden of your grief, and, for the time it takes to complete her portrait, you can hold her in your arms once again. It is a gallery of love in oils. And I love you for it.” – Mamie Van Doren (USA 1931-) , Hollywood movie star of the 1950s and 1960s, singer and author, in an email to the artist; October 11, 2023.